Monday, February 22, 2010

Struggle to move

Treasure is not what I would call an overly fat woman. Clearly she's big, she's a SSBBW, but she's not the size of someone I would expect to have difficulty moving. Nevertheless, her mobility seems quite limited. In this video she has a good deal of difficulty getting into her van.

Getting in the car
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As you can see, Treasure is too big for this particular vehicle, but I was struck by how winded she gets in this video.

Another example of Treasure's limited mobility is the difficulty she has in getting out of a tub.

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Not the most difficult of tasks, but obviously a hard one for her.

For added fun, check out this video of Treasure and her fellow supersized bombshell Jiggly:

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What's your fancy?

If you like thick legged girls with a free flowing gut, Summer is your babe. She's got mounds of flesh to spare and tattoos all over the place. You can find her and other SSBBWs over at

Jiggly (NSFW)

At over 600 lbs, Bombshell Jiggly has a lot of flesh to go around. In my opinion, she's one of the cutest SSBBW models on the web. However, I haven't yet become a member of her site. I don't want to join until I'm convinced her videos are worth it. But who knows, maybe I'll get a trial membership later on next month. Whatever I do, I'll keep you posted.


Meet Judge Elizabeth Halverson.

This hot momma was once Nevada's 8th Judicial District Court Judge. Unfortunately, she's been removed from the bench because of her diva & illegal behavior. She was investigated by a commission, and this is what they found:

The commission found her guilty on counts of sleeping during hearings, making improper contact with jurors; mistreating her staff, improperly hiring two bodyguards and making improper and misleading statements to the press.
 Halverson's life has been in shambles lately. She can no longer be a judge in the state of Nevada and her husband tried to kill her.

He is now serving 3 - 10 yrs for attempted murder and Elizabeth has been ordered to pay the state $50,000. I hope she has the money. If not, she could always turn to modeling.

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